Another Country
21 September – 02 November 2012
From the series Another Country, 2010
C-type print
165 x 125 cm
Mitra Tabrizian’s work explores a range of issues including post-colonial theory, corporate culture in the West and the recent cultural and political shifts in Iranian society. Blurring the boundary between fact and fiction and combining documentary techniques with those of film, she produces meticulously choreographed photographic scenes of condensed narratives. This exhibition brings together the complete series Another Country (2010) for the first time in the UK and focuses on the idea of homeland, the emergence of hybrid cultural identities in the context of globalization and the politics of everyday life for Muslim communities from the Middle East in the UK.

Another Country (2010) is a series of 8 large-scale group and individual portraits showing real people: immigrants who have come to Europe from the Middle East, and their children, some of whom were born in the UK. The scenes are shot in everyday settings in London – a school, a café, a cemetery, but the geographic location remains ambiguous. Where is here? “In this context, which challenges the polarity of identifications, the title ‘Another Country’ no longer refers to some other country out there, but to a culture within” says the artist.

In collaboration with Andy Golding and Zadoc Nava. Mitra Tabrizian would also like to thank Alan Harris and Dennis Tuffnell, Newham North Islamic Association, the Imamia Mosque, the Minhaj-ul-Quran Mosque and Cultural Centre.